Manage your account

Your personal home page displays your first name and your last name, your identification code and your email address. To modify this information or change your password, click on the shadow in the menu bar.


To have access to full service, you must purchase a monthly subscription for 10 EUR plus taxes. The payment is done directly online. As soon as the payment is confirmed, your data is accessible.

Before you can subscribe, you will have to complete your account information with a billing name and a billing address.


All your payments are listed on your account page. You can print your bills at any time.


Choose if you want the help lines, the display of a task detail in a dialog window, to load or record an audio with a task and listen to it, to view a video on YouTube, to search tasks by typing keywords or with the cloud of keywords.


Study the API manual to edit documents directly inside another website. Check the option REST  API in the parameters of your personal account to authorize calling it.


Introduction, First steps


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