Task description

The editor lets you describe a task in detail with a neat presentation while remaining simple to use. You will be able to format your text in paragraphs, in columns, add titles, use icons by Font Awesome, insert clickable images, links to external documents, an audio, a video on YouTube, charts and Post-its, a Google map, etc. With a little practice, possibilities are surprising.

April 16, 2021 at 18:29

Title H4

Text bold, italics, underlined and striked.

Title H5

Paragraph with characters with a fixed width in the text.

Title H6

A title or a paragraph can be centered or right aligned.

Small font. Big font.

A quote with a URL:

BuZZmii is simply amazing - BuZZmii

Icons by Font Awesome in different sizes.

You can display images anywhere in the text.

An image can be centered or aligned to the right. You can add a fading, a shrink or a wiggle effect. An image can display a message in a bubble. It can point to a link to a website or document shared on a cloud.


You can even control, like for a title or a paragraph, if it's printed. Try to print this page. A nice printing can be important if you want to share the document.

Display in columns:

A QRmii is a QR code which contains a short URL which is automatically redirected to a complete URL. Scanning a QRmii with a smartphone displays the page of the original URL.

A signmii attests that a document, a photo, an archive or any digital file existed at a certified time.

mcPaLo is a company specialized in the design, development and marketing of applications and services for the web.

IMPORTANT: On a small screen, columns are automatically displayed one after the other.

A series of commands:

$ ls -l
$ pwd

A piece of code in PHP from So-o:

namespace Hello;

require_once 'So-o.php';

defclass('Hello', null, 1, null, null, null, array('hello'));

function i_hello($self) {
    echo 'Hello from So-o!', PHP_EOL;

    return $self;

Create my website with BuZZmii

A Post-it can be straight or rotated. It can be centered or aligned to the right.

You can include a video on YouTube YouTube and a map by Google.

-20 20

A chart can be horizontal or circular, centered or aligned to the right, display a unit.

6 730 €
10 000 €

Editing a task


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