Start by reading the pages Example and Task description to have a good idea of how you will be able to manage your activities.

Click on cronorg.com  anywhere in the website to return to the home page or to your personal page if you are identified.

Click on the link To create your personal account in the identification form on the home page to sign up for free. Enter your first name and your last name, your email address, choose an identifier with between 2 and 20 letters and a password with at least 6 characters including 1 digit.


In the identification form on the home page, enter with your identification code or your email address and your password.

To connect directly with your Google account without entering a password, register with the same email address and click on the button  Connect with Google to be redirected to the identification form of Google. NOTE: You still need to specify a password to protect your account.

IMPORTANT: To receive a new password automatically by email, click on the link If you have forgotten your password in the identification form.

Click on the shadow in the banner to display the identification form on a separate page.

Click on the disconnect button in the banner to close your personal space and return to the public home page.

NOTE: Accessing your account is automatically locked after 20 minutes of inactivity.


Use the menu bar to read the user's guide, access the configuration of your account, edit your availabilities, display the list of your tasks.


Use the search zone to find a page in the user's guide or a task. Click on a word in the cloud to list all the pages or all the tasks associated to this keyword. Alternatively, type in one or more words and press Enter. Click on the cloud to display all the keywords. Click on the caret to hide or show the cloud.

Use the menu above the cloud to move around the user's guide.

You may choose whether you want the search input and the cloud of keywords in the configuration of your account.


Press the assistance button to toggle the display of help messages.

The service inserts help messages in the content of the website. You can hide or show them at will by clicking on the question mark. You may deactivate help messages globally in the configuration of your account.


Did you study the example? Start here!


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